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There are always a lot of tech news sites falsely beautify Network Spoofer and zANTI such as these tools as “one of the Android penetration testing apps”. AppNee would say they were only born for hacking Wi-Fi network from an Android phone – some guys only use it for fun; but some others for illegal business deals.

No doubt, Network Spoofer is a powerful network spoofing/cheating app for Android, with which you can attack other people’s computers on Android phones, but this kind of attack is – counterfeiting websites in a Wi-Fi LAN (i.e., change their visiting websites, similar to phishing sites). In addition, it also can be regarded as a great tool to spoof your friends, just for fun.
For any cases they could be used in, we do not care, just one thing want you to know – Network Spoofer is another edge Wi-Fi hacking tool on Android. As for how it is comparing with the dsploit and zANTI we are familiar with, AppNee only gives the following simple comparison.

 Simple Comparison 

dsploit – classic and powerful
Network Spoofer – much more powerful than dsploit
zANTI – much more beautiful & powerful than dsploit and Network Spoofer

Key Features 

Flip pictures upside down
Flip text upside down
Make websites experience gravity
Redirect websites to other pages
Delete random words from websites
Replace words on websites with others
Change all pictures to Trollface
Wobble all pictures / graphics around a bit
A few custom modes for you to have your own fun!

System Requirements 

Android 2.3+
Root permission/enabled required
Busybox required
A Wi-Fi network


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